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    I. Company profile 

    Jiangsu Auto Electronic Control System Technology Co., Ltd. (AECS for short) is a scientific and technological achievement transformation enterprise of Tsinghua University. It was established in Beijing in 2013 and moved to Nantong in 2018. 

    The main business covers electronic control products of new energy vehicles and traditional electric control products of powered vehicles, with independent intellectual property rights technology, in a leading position in China. AECS has been incubated in Suzhou Automotive Research Institute of Tsinghua University, and has realized large-scale industrialization. The Nantong base has officially started construction in Gangzha North High-tech Zone on March 31, 2018, and is now in production. 

    The main customers of AECS are domestic independent brand vehicle manufacturers, and the products are mainly national sixth automobile engine electronic control products. Main customers include SAIC-GM-Wuling, Dongfeng Liuzhou MOTOR, JAC Automobile, Changan Commercial Vehicle, Chery Commercial Vehicle, Beijing Auto, Changhe Automobile, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle, SAIC Datong, FAW Jilin, Guangxi Auto Group, Xiamen Golden Long, Xiamen Golden Journey, Jiangsu Jiulong, Huachen Xinyuan, Foton Automobile, Nanjing Kevo, etc.Light commercial vehicle customers about two-thirds, passenger car customers about one-third. 

    At present, AECS has a production base in Nantong, liuzhou and two technical centers in Beijing and Chongqing.  The total number of employees in the company is about 400, including 200 technical management personnel. 

    II. Project technology, products and industry status 

    Electronic control products are the brain of the automobile. With the development of the automobile industry and the popularity of new energy vehicles, the application of electronic products on the automobile will be more and more widely in the future. It is expected to be close to 50% by 2025. 

    International companies such as Bosch (including The Chinese joint venture Shanghai United Electronics), Delphi, Continental, Denso, Hitachi, etc. are suppliers of electronic control products for traditional power and new energy vehicles, accounting for 99% of the domestic market share. The plan of China's automobile road map is to hope that electronic control enterprises of independent brands can occupy 15% of the market share of front assembly in 2025, about 8 billion yuan. 

    Independent brand electronic control enterprises with the national six technology capabilities of the enterprise, including only two oyikes. The products of AECS, whether traditional power control or new energy control products, are in a leading position in China, especially in hybrid electric vehicle control products have reached the level of Bosch or Delphi. 

    New energy vehicles mainly include pure electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles. Electric control products of pure electric vehicles are vehicle controller (VCU). Electric control products of hybrid electric vehicles (plug-in hybrid, petrol-electric hybrid, extended range and 48-VOLT weak hybrid and other types) include powertrain electric control system products and vehicle controller. 

    III.Scientific and technological achievements and awards 

    AECS is a technology achievement transformation enterprise of Tsinghua University. The main members of the team have long-term working experience in international large companies. The team has accumulated more than five years of technology in automotive electronics, especially in electric control technology of automotive powertrain, and has applied for more than 40 patents and other intellectual property rights. Currently, there are 12 invention patents, 28 utility models, 6 soft documents, and 13 invention patents under examination. Its subsidiary, Beijing AECS, was identified as zhongguancun high-tech enterprise; Our subsidiary Suzhou Oykes is a national high-tech enterprise, won the third prize of Science and Technology Award of Jiangsu Province in 2020, and was rated as a Private enterprise of Jiangsu Province. In 2019, it undertook the key R&D industrialization project of Suzhou city, and passed the GB/T24001-2016 environmental management system certification and IATF16949:2016 quality management system certification. 

    In 2019 alone, the company won the Best Technical Cooperation Award of Changan Kaicheng, the best Supplier of Wuling Group, the Technology Development Award and Delivery Contribution Award of Dongfeng Liu Automobile, the best Supplier of Dongfeng Development and many other awards. In 2020, it won the advanced supplier of Dongfeng Liuqi and the Collaborative Development Award of Jiangqi Group. Won the third prize of jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Award in 2020. 

    IV. Company development plan 

    In terms of traditional powered vehicle products, the company will make arrangements in advance for the upcoming national Seventh emission regulations and strive for more customers. 

    In terms of new energy vehicle products, it has established alliances with customers and industry partners, focusing on promoting the industrialization of extended range electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles and gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles.  At present, we are carrying out more than ten pre-research projects of extended-range, intercalated and oil-mixed, striving for mass production in 2022. 

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