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    • Time of issue:2020-06-20 00:00:00
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    New energy vehicles in the country are new things, the level of development of countries roughly the same. The overall level of the company's products and foreign similar products roughly the same, especially the "48V weak mixed system controller" in the motor torque shaping algorithm for the international initiative, and has a good versatility, fast calculation, high precision, can be greatly Improve the ride comfort of the vehicle, is the leading international technology.

    At present, the company has built two domestic most advanced automotive electronic control system production line, production equipment, production technology and production processes and international companies the same level, reasonable staffing, adequate supply of raw materials, stable, with an annual output of 200,000 sets of ECU equipment The production capacity.

    According to the four-stage fuel consumption regulations, by 2020, China's sales of passenger fuel consumption needs to drop to about 100 km 5L. To achieve this goal, the new car basically need to equip 48V weak mixed system. China's current annual sales of passenger cars for the 20 million or so, the corresponding 48V weak hybrid system of electronic control products market size of about 40 billion yuan.


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