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    The extended-range electric vehicle electronic control technology program

    The extended-range electric vehicle is a purely electric-driven vehicle and a plug-in electric vehicle. The main function of the range extender is to charge the battery or directly provide power to the drive motor, extend the driving range of the vehicle, and heat the battery by charging the battery in low temperature areas; the secondary function is to drive the air conditioner compressor to work and provide warm air.

    The engine needs to be specially designed for the range extender, such as: no flywheel and no starter, the crankshaft is directly connected to the rotor shaft of the generator, reducing the axial size; the maximum speed is 4000 rpm, which maximizes light weight and lower fuel consumption; The wheel train is specially designed without the special design of generator and air-conditioning compressor; the rear end of the cylinder is rigidly connected to the generator; other: balance shaft, exhaust passage, oil pan, forced water cooling of exhaust, etc.

    In order to improve adaptability, a separate network is planned inside the range extender to control the working state of the range extender. Because it involves a range extender, especially for passenger cars, engine emissions need to be considered. The development cycle of the extended-range electric vehicle electronic control system will be relatively long, which generally takes one and a half to two years. It takes about half a year to develop the principle of the product and the basic performance of the prototype. After the acceptance is passed, a durability test of 160,000 kilometers is required. The announcement test process takes about 10 to 12 months because the engine is also involved Calibrations for emissions, three highs, and OBD are required. The development and calibration process of plug-in hybrid electric control system is basically similar, so the development of a set of electric control system needs to be planned for a long time in advance.

    The development of the range extender electronic control system has the following difficulties: (1) NVH optimization: vibration and noise; (2) starting control: starting torque, reverse control, starting control logic, secondary flooding, etc.; (3) row Temperature and discharge control: Excessive discharge temperature, durable discharge, etc.

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